Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can. please contact us on our WhatsApp with your design requirements and email us your design at

Standard design is a pre-made design that can’t be changed;
however, they are programmed with your contacts info.

Custom Designs are also programmed with your contacts info plus you can get a completely customised design with your logo/name, exactly as your design requirements front and back both onto your Digital Contact Card.

Contact us on our whatsApp for if you need customized card.

Yes, we will provide you a login email and password through which you will be able to add or update your card

Digital Contact Card has a boundless life expectancy. However minimum estimated is 5 years.

It depends on your location and quantity. Usually took 4-7 working days for delivery.

We have tried all Digital Contact Card items with a few cell phone cases and they have worked fine; nonetheless, there are a few cases that hinder the transmission of information from Digital Contact Card to the cell phone. Simply remove the telephone case, temporarily, in those occasions.

Please contact us through email at

Mention Partnership in subject line.

Digital Contact  Card is intended to be valuable to your conventional business cards, and not intended to be a substitution.

A few people chose to dispose of conventional business cards inside and out.

All Android Smartphones work perfectly with the Tap feature of Digital Contact Card; in any case, visit our Compatible Smartphones page to guarantee that your Smartphone is on the rundown or tell us your mobile model and  we will check if it is compatible or not.

For iPhones, the iPhone 7+ and all models after works perfectly with the Tap feature of Digital Contact Card.

however, if a mobile does not support the touch and share feature our card still works through the Camera Scan feature on iPhones as well as Android

The conceivable outcomes of Digital Contact Card are boundless. It is, however, used to essentially share long contact and networking information with your possibilities or new companions. Information that normally takes a few minutes to share can be shared utilizing Digital Contact Card very quickly.

In the event that you want an alternate capacity of your Digital Contact Card, if you don’t mind let us know by sending an email to

Yes, we do. Send us an email to determining the amount you’d prefer to buy in mass.

You can add anything that is enabled by us in your card.  Items you may add to your digital contact card include, but are not limited to,

Profile Picture/logo
Phone Number
Schedule Meetings
WhatsApp business
google map
Custom Links
Email Address
Pinterest, twitch, paypal, Spotify, Apple Music, and as soon as more updates come your card profile be updated as well, without extra charges.

If you want to update exterior physical design of card you have to purchase card again.

A network, data, or internet connection is required for transfer option, However not required for the Instant Transfer choice.

Send an email to sales@digitalcontactcard.comregarding our partnership programs.

When you tap the card, it takes you to our web site where you can add your website in web slot and add other details as well.

Currently, we do not all direct landing own your own website. If you have any questions regarding this, Please contact on our email,

Digital Contact Card is exceptionally safe & secure. It possibly works within 1.6 inches of a compatible device.

Furthermore, there is no money related data put away on Digital Contact Card-all the information you give are ordinarily details you will have on any of your traditional business cards.

Since Digital Contact Card isn’t really intended to be dropped, one card is actually all you need.

however, you have the alternative to buy different cards, and you get an enormous discount for every card when you buy 

To protect it from any authorised and unrecognised changes in digital contact card. 

Currently we are offering 1-3 generations of Business Cards

1st Generation (1.0)  are traditional business cards without  scan & tap feature.

2nd Generation (2.0)  Cards are only capable of transferring your contact details via scan

3rd Generation (3.0) cards are smartest and capable of transferring your contact details via a Tap & a Scan.

On compatible smartphones, you essentially tap Digital Contact Card against the cell phone to get your contact information moved; nonetheless, for older mobile models, you can just open up the  camera and sweep the 2D Barcode imprinted on Digital Contact Card to get your share your info.