Why Digital Contact Card?

Never lost, discarded or overlooked

Where do you think the majority of your printed cards end up? They may sit in the pocket, pack or vehicle, or best-case scenario, they land on your new contacts desk (for some time) Unfortunately, the larger part ends up in the receptacle. They don’t get used, may never get looked at again and they don’t get shared with other potential connections. Your contacts can’t copy your printed business card and share it with a new prospect… In any case, they can with your Digital contact card. It’s easily accessible both online & offline, it can be saved to your phone’s home screen, and it’s easy to save the contact to your device’s contact list. Plan You have various designs to choose from or even can get a customized design, you’re card will reflect you, your business and be remembered by your contacts.

A comparison between Conventional and Digital Contact Card

 Embedded with radio recurrence information move innovation, Digital Contact Card will trigger an “Add to Contacts” activity of your contact information when tapped against a compatible iPhone or Android cell phone.
  • Quickly transfer your contact information
  • Made of tough plastic or metal
  • No Special Application Required 
  • Change your contact information anytime

How does Digital Contact Card compare to a mobile app that’s capable of scanning and storing the information of a Conventional business card ?

 Digital Contact CardConventional Business Cards 
Time Saving



                            ✘In less than 5 seconds, you can move your contact information compared with several minutes by using Conventional business cards.
Lightweight                                                ✘Conventional business cards expect you to carry many cards. Digital Contact Card just expects you to carry one.
Lasts Forever                                                With standard ecological elements, Digital Contact Card has a boundless life expectancy. 
Technologically Innovative                                                Digital Contact Card merges the Conventional with the digital.
Quick                                                The contact information on Conventional business cards must be manually entered into your phone.
Updatable                                                Once printed, the best way to change your contact information on conventional business cards is by buying another set.
Long Term Financial Savings                                                With Digital Contact Card, one card is all you need, so you never truly need to spend money reproducing conventional business cards.
Accessible                                                Digital Contact Card should consistently be carried in your wallet, making it more available compared with conventional business cards.
Water Proof                                                Most Conventional business cards are made of paper which can easily get damaged by water.
Tear Proof                                                Digital Contact Cards are made of plastic or metal making it tough and tear-proof.

The greater part of those applications are just ready to check, perceive, and sort information from basic structured business cards with white foundations and basic text styles. Also, their UI will in general be extremely frail, and require an excessive number of steps to add cards to contacts. 

Generally, those applications are too unwieldy and tedious, contrasted with Digital Contact Card