Customised Card


1️⃣-place order on our website

2️⃣- Send your Design file or picture on WhatsApp (You can select from our samples as well)

3️⃣- Send full or 50% payment

✅ This card will be specially made for you, so full cash on delivery is not possible. 50% is advance and 50% cash on delivery.

✅ Delivery time is 2-3 working days after design approval.

High Quality Customized non-transparent Digital Contact Card with with your picture, logo, or any other design, Customize cards are also programmed with your contact & networking details, however, our customized card you can change the exterior design of digital contact card.

  • Analytics
  • Unlimited Taps
  • Share Profile
  • Immediate Updates
  • No Special Apps Required
  • Add to Contact button
  • Manage Social accounts
  • One time payment

After placing order contact us on WhatsApp To discuss your design requirements.

Touch your Digital Contact Card on a compatible smartphone to share all your contact info. Digital Contact Card helps businesses and also individuals to make a great first impression with the most advanced way to share their contact information, increase networking, and get connected quickly.
Digital Contact Card works with IOS as well as Android smartphones which supports NFC function. If a mobile didn’t trigger after touching it with the card. We are also providing a customised QR code at the back of each card, which every smartphone can scan and makes the Digital Contact Card the future of Business Cards.
You don’t have to give your business card to people who throw it away no matter how fancy is your business card. NOW, with Digital Contact Card All you have to do is touch this card with a person’s smartphone and they will save all your social and contact info directly into their mobile phone. GUESS WHAT? you can update your contact info anytime multiple times, NO NEED to reprint your cards. ONLY ONE CARD FOR A LIFETIME.
This Card is not only for Business Owners or entrepreneurs, it for everyone who socialite, who want to leave a lasting impression with everyone they meet. It’s the Smartest Way to network which is NOW available IN PAKISTAN.
– We will send complete details of setting up this card with the parcel.
Design Service

I will provide design myself, I need designing service